Dr. Teresa Whitehurst

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A special thanks goes out to all our listeners who called in with questions, or with helpful experiences and coping techniques of their own.


Dan Rea, our callers and I had a great conversation about the emotional after-effects of the Boston Marathon bombings, discussing some methods we've found--or need to find--to heal and recover. 


Life is to Be Enjoyed, not Endured

We don't win any medals by suffering or quietly accepting whatever life dishes out to us. As human beings we have "the dignity of choice", to quote the great Jim Rohn, and that choice allows us to either stagnate or grow. Which will it be for you? Are you tired of just enduring and tolerating? Then it's time to get your head examined, as the saying goes, and figure out what's keeping you from achieving happiness. Once you do, you can start moving those obstacles out of your way.

How I Can Help

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist and author who's worked at McLean Hospital, the teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, and at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, learning practical, useful strategies from medical, psychological, business and educational professionals I'll share with you.  See "Help for  YOU from Harvard's Best", page 2 of this website.


Want to lose weight and get fit without having a miserable time doing it? Classes are starting soon! This method is based on psychology, not the usual deprivation, will-power, or white-knuckling through painful exercises...yet it works! Contact Us if you for individual help, or to register for weekly groups.


If you'd like more info about therapy or my approach, or would like to schedule a consultation. email by the Contact Us button at the top of this page (include your phone # if you'd like a call-back).  Or you can call or text me at (857) 234-4404 (Please leave a confidential voicemail message if I am unable to take your call at that time.)


GET ORGANIZED: Therapy/Coaching for Serenity and Success

     Part therapy, part de-cluttering, and part hand-holding throughout the organizing process, this type of therapy focuses on helping you to organize physical environment so you'll feel, and even think, better: Get Organized therapy/coaching.. This is not for those who just need a tune-up here or there--Get Organized therapy/coaching is for those of who've realized that their home, work, or car have become a discouraging tangle of disorganized stuff, forgotten tasks, half-finished projects, or far too many jumbled papers, pieces, clothes. 

      If important parts of your environment--home, office, car, finances--show signs of neglect, you can bet they're having a deleterious effect on your spirit and even, believe it or not, the viability of your dreams for the future.   

     If you're feeling overwhelmed by messes, don't despair, help is at hand! This class and the individual "practical therapy" sessions that are offered after completion of the class are designed for people who've begun to realize that their lives AND belongings are in disarray and they're no longer satisfied to live that way. You need clever tips, short-cuts and creative solutions to clutter and disorganization, along with the psychological insights into why you've let things go for so long--and, most importantly, how to stop doing it. 


     Individual coaching/therapy provides you with the how-tos of organizing and getting clear on your goals, as well as guidance as you begin to turn your life around--both physically and psychologically. Hover your cursor from left to right over each of the scenes, below, from my favorite series of all time, Jeeves & Wooster, and see if this is the kind of transformation you're eager for. If it is, email me via the Contact Us button, or call for more info at (857) 234-4404 to schedule a FREE initial consultation.